Innovation Center
Innovation Center
Innovation Center
Innovation Center
Innovation Center
Innovation Center
Innovation Center
Innovation Center

Innovation Center

The Peterborough innovation center is trying to respond to a multiple of problems that our society is facing at the moment, and of which Architecture is a faithful reflection:

  • Search for a singular contemporary image
  • Reflection on working conditions
  • Awareness of sustainability.

The proposal offers answer to these questions through its incorporation in the working method. This project extends superficially on the site in question, to organize its programme.
At the same time , it raises to form its image, these two strategies configures the shape of the project, in which the roof is treated as an artificial micro landscape that is introduced in the building.

The offices are distributed around the interior perimeter reaching four levels, accessible by means of footbridges that allow one to contemplate three planes of action:

  • multi-purpose first floor
  • cafeteria and resting area level
  • the landscape effect of the roof

In this way the groundfloor, is dedicated to lobby and public services, while the firstfloor becomes a multi-purpose space, flexible to lodge a temporary exhibition or to increase office capacity.
The resting area and the cafeteria accupies the top floor of the ineriror structure, linked to exterior terraces and the funnel effect of illumination that characterizes the interior space.
The building image is configured by a convertible multilayer skin: ventilated, through which exterior light iluminates and ventilates the interior space, that allows placing solar panels on the south side, capable of being transformed according to personnel demands containing all the energetic and environmental strategies.


Valdepeñas Gavira Arquitectos
Carol Ruiz-Valdepeñas Guerrero y Daren Gavira Persad


Ayuntamiento de Peterborough


Edificio de oficinas


2.000 m2